It’s Friday, and in a few minutes, I’ll be going back to work after the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve reached my goal for November, which is to write 50,000 words of a novel (actually three) while maintaining this blog and my webcomic. I promised myself a new console to play my Playstation 2 games on, and in a screwball comedy sort of way, it failed to meet with expectations and had to be returned.

But because my life isn’t a screwball comedy, that event didn’t require any additional drama (just a bit of nervousness) and no one laughed at my expense. (Not even me.) And somehow, that wasn’t enough. Somehow, there was something else waiting for me this month, after the mad-blind blogging, the comicking, the noveling, there was something else waiting to surprise me this month.

Reward? Punishment? These words might make more sense if I were more fatalistic. I want go on with other words, with what I had in mind here being “throw a lot of synonyms out there and then describe how you don’t prescribe to the philosophy that would define ‘it’ that way.” What surprised me this month wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t expected, but also wasn’t surprising. I mean, I’m not surprised. Just excited.

I’m not nervous or anxious. Just … rapt with anticipation. And other stuff. I’m full of energy … I think the word “genki” very much applies here, though perish the thought of me using it in conversation. I’m neither over- nor underwhelmed. I’m caught up in it but I’m not lost with it. Despite my rambling, I know where this is going, because I already decided what to call it: practically perfect in every way.