Didn’t go to sleep until nearly seven yesterday morning. (Or was it later?) Stayed up late talking on the phone and then finished scripting/building the last four pages of the comic. Then crashed. Woke up around two-ish when Megan called. She hadn’t gotten much sleep either, and was looking for some sort of help crawling out of bed and getting on with the day. She asked how my Saturday had gone, and I told her. :)

Of course, I was tired and a little cranky, and cookiemonger was sick, or coming down with something, in addition to being as sleep-deprived (or worse) as I was. But an idea began to take form. Cookiemonger and I had hoped to catch a movie in the afternoon, but the constant snow made that look less and less plausible, until Megan volunteered to drive.

Confirming with cookiemonger, we took our respective showers and Megan and I made our way across the valley. It was slow going, but we made it without incident. When we all got back to Megan’s apartment, she fed us all soup and special tea for soothing throats and the three of us piled onto her bed to watch my copy of The Last Starfighter. We giggled and groaned together to the movie, and got cookiemonger back home in time for work.

It was a rare and happy day (which have been uncommonly frequent as of late). :)