Slowest start yet. I had an extra blog entry and so I was lacking any immediacy to get started. Rushing to get a blog finished before noon can be a powerful motivator, especially when it’s being chased by the need for another blog for 4 PM and another for 8 PM. I tried to get my work done as quickly as possible, which mostly meant I tried not to stare into space long enough that someone came to check up on me.

Still lacking the immediacy, I gave up in trying to withhold one of my potential entries for today, and so I wrote it (the second of the Hypnotist articles that posted yesterday) to get it out of my head. The writing came much more easily after that, and by 10:30 I managed to get started on my noveling for the morning. I think I wrote about fifteen hundred words then, and I can’t be bothered to check.

After I got back from lunch, I did manage to finish my blogs for the day, which included a review of the Seven States, helped somewhat by having written about each one of them in turn, and clear at the end of my work day, I found the time and the energy to make another sprint, and got in another fifteen hundred or so words. I made several notes to myself that I really should draw up a map at some point.

At this point, I’ve actually mostly run out of things that I already had well laid-out for the novel, and so I’m getting into more obscure, far-off outlined stuff. I really didn’t expect Write Or Die to be such an effective motivator, and so I’m missing the time I expected to get for additional planning — I’m further ahead of schedule than I accounted for. Yay?