Day Ten was a day of Fail. I stayed up too late the night before and though I started out awake and lucid and strong, my energy level dwindled before I even got to working on my blog. Though I may have started this month off strong, I’m wondering if perhaps I have too much on my plate, between the webcomic, blog, and novel. Oh, and a full-time job.

Speaking of which (the job, I mean), I was swamped, all day. I actually have stuff from Monday that I haven’t finished yet, I think there may be more forces at work than I’m accounting for. The last several days of work have been growing steadily busier. I’m finding less and less time to write between orders, which means less writing overall.

The first draft of The Dragonslayers is finished, in all of its hideous, NaNo-frenzy-induced glory, and I’ve actually started to rewrite the thing. I actually managed to get the first seven or eight phases figured out last night. Though it took me all day, I started in on the first couple phases and have so far turned 339 words into 835.

If I can just pick up the pace a little, I should at least be able to double the length of the novel by the end of the challenge, right? And I’ll be richer for the experience. This evening is CALLIHOO, and I’ve nearly finished this week’s homework! I’ve read through the story once, now all I need to do is read it again and mark it up!

One last note, since I’m talking about life stuff here, too, and the website totally counts: we’re working to make the webcomic more obvious and accessible from the front side of the website. Here, now, you can reach the comic almost directly via the “comic” tab, and you can reach the page archive via the “archive” tab at the top.