Was NaNoWriMo just a dream? I feel like, halfway through the month, I’m trying to wake up for some reason. Yesterday was a day I had to devote to making sure the new chapter of Rumors of War was ready to go on time. (Find the link for it at the top of the column to the right. Yeah, the comic’s always been on the website, but I’ve had at least one person say they found the blog, but asked where they could find the comic.)

To answer my own question, I think the first week of November was the dream. For me to have the energy to focus on getting The Dragonslayers outlined, readied, and then for me to be able to devote several thousand words a day to flesh it out, that was the dream. Especially considering how I’ve been bouncing between different projects the last couple months (though always returning here to the comic and the blog, obviously).

I wonder if it would be possible to get me working on other projects that way? Say, get more parts of Escape from White Cliff hammered out over the course of one intense week? Technically, I tried this approach last year, over the first week of the new year, and my result was most of the characters you see in the first six chapters of my comic, and of course, the first six chapters of Rumors of War. (It gets better after that!)