I managed to nail over three thousand words in three sittings over the course of the day. After I got into work, I sat down and hammered out the blog entries for the day, then moved right on to my novel, and churned out over a thousand words. I got swamped by work after that (it had been pretty slow up to that point) and I turned to work on my comic after that, I scripted several pages before my lunch.

I walked to the store and back, made great time, and got in another thousand-plus words before the end of my lunch, leaving me more or less free for the rest of the day. I worked on the comic a bit more and took a break, then in another bit of free time, I got in over eight hundred more words, bringing me up to my just-over-three-thousand words total for the day. If only every day worked out like this.

My writing is definitely uneven, to say the least. I made use of Write or Die to secure my writing in three easy sittings of between fifteen and twenty minutes each — all in all, I spent about an hour working on The Dragonslayers today. Though you can bet I was thinking about it during the in between times, as well. I’m off to a great start, and I’m feeling confident about the rest of the month!