I didn’t make a whole lot of word count progress on my novel yesterday. Instead, I spent most of the day avoiding working on my novel and trying to concentrate long enough to finish Chapter 17 of Rumors of War, and, of course, finish the blog entries for the day in a timely fashion. I’ve finished what I’d consider the first step in this whole “drafting” thing — I have ideas that span the length of a novel, and I’ve started to put them in order that I’ll be able to write in one straight shot.

Scrivener is really coming in handy at this point. Basically, I’m taking everything I’ve written so far, tearing it to shreds, and then realigning them in a way that I find more appealing. Once I’ve got everything lined up all “phase-like,” I’ll go in and expand the shreds, or threads, or phases, or whatever they’re called; much as I would script a chapter of my comic. I’m thinking that if this pans out, then I can use this same method to, say, write more novel-length stories. First it has to work, though.

I’m not worried yet. Not worried just yet because it’s only been nine days and I’ve written half of the goal’s word count in skeletal novel. Not worried. I don’t think I’ve actually been worried yet, except perhaps at a couple points where I panicked and wondered what I was going to write about because I was quickly approaching a plot point and hadn’t come up with anything to pad out the rest of the section. I’ve got lots more ideas now than I did before I started. It’s always nice to find that when you’ve written something, you’ve got more than you expected.