Seems to me that this was another “recharge” weekend. Saturday I woke up early, but exhausted, and most of the day I was absorbed with either getting ready for the write-in, getting to it, heading home, getting ready for D&D, gaming, or going home after D&D. I mean, yeah, there was other time in there, but that’s what mostly Saturday felt like.

Which is fine. I was a little late to getting blog posts up, which was okay, and that sluggishness extended to Sunday. I’m sure I’ll resume my regular posting schedule throughout the week, with everything being on time. If I remember correctly, my most regular weekend posting comes from writing everything Friday or Saturday morning.

So, I didn’t get much, if any work done on writing the novel this weekend. I think I got some good rest and relaxation, though, and I think I enjoyed my weekend, despite the actual sleep deprivation that took place. I’m thinking that I might mention something about that, and see if the other guys are really okay with how late we go.

Ideally, we’d get enough accomplished between seven and ten, or eleven, that we’d be okay to adjourn by midnight at the latest — which is how late we went when I joined the group. We signed off a lot earlier, and I think we might have even gotten more done. Still, I have trouble complaining, I like playing regularly. I really feel it when I miss a game.