Jeez, to I even remember what happened yesterday? It feels like a think, pea-soup fog. And I haven’t even been in fog like that before, which tells you something. I know that it was the fifth day of NaNoWriMo, and that I spent most of the morning working quickly to make sure I had enough of Chapter 17 finished so that I could get through the weekend just fine, without worrying that I was noveling too much and not comicking enough.

Now, looking back on it, I think I managed well enough. Last night was the 200th blog entry here, which I think is pretty remarkable. I didn’t really observe the 100th blog entry, apart from noting that it happened at some point afterward. I think it’s pretty remarkable that I — wait, no, I’m supposed to be reporting about my progress on The Dragonslayers, not patting myself on the back! (Though I think I deserve it!)

I’m concerned. I certainly think that The Dragonslayers is a fifty thousand-plus word novel, but I’m rapidly surpassing anything that I had in mind when I sat down and outlined it. I mean, I kind of am, but not. I mean, I’m really chugging along, but I’m right about where I should be at the 20-30% mark (at about 20-30% of the way through the novel) but I’m having baseless fears and worries! I have this dread that I’m going to run out of plot before I hit the fifty thousand word mark, but I am writing awfully fast. I should have plenty of time to go back and pad it out. I guess. O_O