Haven’t done any work on the novel since the little bit I did revising the day before yesterday. I’m a little worried at this point for not having made much progress over the last several days, though obviously I had a great deal of energy in the first week of the month. I’m afraid that if I push too hard, I might burn myself out.

I’m looking at two main possibilities right now: the first is to set things aside for now and come back to the novel bright and early Monday morning. For the rest of the week I can focus on the comic and blog. This is currently the more desirable choice. The second is to just keep going past the end of the novel, go into completely new territory.

With the second choice, I could continue writing new stuff, and I could go at the same manic pace that I did in the first week, and I could fully embrace the NaNoWriMo creed: “Write everything, including the crap. In fact, just write.” The second approach might be truer to the spirit of NaNo, but I’ve been writing all year. It feels like cheating.

Then again, maybe I should really embrace the NaNo spirit and just go for it. Hell, I’ll bet if I just started up bright and early this morning, I could have an entire second novel by the fifteenth. I’m glad we had this talk. How could I ever try to talk myself into giving up, slowing down, or editing this month? November is for writing.

On a separate note: it’s really weird writing about something that hasn’t happened yet in the present tense. As I write this, I’ve only just decided that I’m going to write the second book, but I’ll start tomorrow, which will be today by the time you read it. Tomorrow’s report will be more straightforward. By tomorrow, I mean Day Twelve, which is today. But the report will be tomorrow, on the 13th. Goodness gracious. @_@