Yesterday, I found some time to add a couple thousand more words to my novel(s). Since Dragonpact is about as finished as I’m going to allow at this point, I started working on Broken Arcades, the working title for a prequel. Weird, I’ve never written a prequel before. Especially not a story that was originally intended to be a standalone story, now adapted as a prequel for a different story…

Funny what can wind happen when you need to increase your NaNo word count and you don’t bother to name your protagonists in your writing. Technically, I still haven’t named any of the characters from The Dragonslayers (or Dragonpact, for that matter). It isn’t like I’m waiting for them to “tell” me their names or anything, I honestly just haven’t sat down and thought about their names too hard.

I have lists and lists of names to use, when I have a chance to sift through them. I imagine I’ll decide on some of the other details of the story around the same time I decide on the characters’ names. It’s possible the only reason I’ve been able to write so far ahead is because I haven’t let myself actually get into the characters’ heads, feel them out, or anything. It’s a story I want to “get right,” whatever that means.

There’s even other bits of story from long, long ago that are finally finding their voice in this Dragonslayers story arc. Things that have been simmering since I was in fifth or sixth grade. For anyone who’s read the “About” page, you might put two and two together to realize “Norvendae! He’s talking about Norvendae!” That’s right. I think I’ve finally figured out how to link my old stories in. Oh, yes. >:D