In an effort to reduce the strain of writing a comic, a blog, and a novel at the same time, I’m going to decrease my workload somewhat by setting aside the first blog every morning to be an update on the status of my novel-writing. I might include snippets of writing or character bios, or gripe about whatever current plot snarl I’ve been caught in, but once I either finish the novel (or hit 50,000 words), or run out of November to finish the project (and subsequently lose), I expect to return to my regular schedule.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago the working title and basic premise of my novel, the outline of which has been gestating since I saw Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. With my regular writing practice, it’s my hope to secure an easy 2,000 words per day and finish by the 25th of the month. Two thousand words is just shy of two days’ worth of blog writing, but I usually have a difficult time staying within my allotted 300-word maximum for blog entries, so that should hardly be a problem.

I’m trying a different approach to the writing this year, with the aid of a piece of software called Scrivener that a friend recommended for writing projects, in conjunction with a method I read about in an article called “The Phase Method,” which amounts to taking what are essentially notes in outline form about the entire book beforehand (about 50 words per phase) and going back to rewrite each phase as descriptive prose. It’s a … different process, but it’s one I’m interested in giving a shot.