“These are … good. I like these. What flavor are they? Spicy Nacho Doritos? And I even have something to wash them down with. Cool, refreshing-type stuff.”

“You should eat some. The bag is even angled towards you for optimal snacking.”

“It is! I can see the little nachos peering at me through the shadow of the bag, and it’s like they’re little kids, looking at me all sad-like and wanting to come out and play. I mean, get eaten. Because that’s their life goal. As chips.”

“I feel just a little bad about eating these chips, because all I brought to offer were the sad, sad remains of the dark chocolate pomegranate ‘nibblets’ that survived writing group on Thursday. I don’t feel that I deserve to eat spicy nacho-flavored chips, like it’s something that I’m supposed to earn or something.”

“It’s fine, it’s what we brought them for.”

–Inspired by an actual conversation with real people, but expanded to meet the minimum of 150 words for a blog post.