‘Tis the season for the weather in Salt Lake City to get cold and dry. And my hands suffer for it. Oh, how they suffer. Never having been really moisturizer-savvy, I rely on the hygiene and skin-care products of others (bless their charity) when I find my skin on my hands dry and cracking. I have managed to procure a bottle of hand lotion, which I apply to the backs of my hands regularly, but the bottle lives at work.

My hands are sad right now. They’re a little bit itchy and scratching them produces additional itching (and flakes of skin). Having never been properly inducted into the world of lotions and skin treatments, the proper care and feeding of the back of my hands is somewhat lost on me. But I’ll endeavor to learn. I’ve beaten the fifty thousand words challenge two years in a row, now, I should be able to cope with hand lotion.

I wash my hands semi-compulsively, which means I either need to use lotion enough that the slippery, slimy feeling that accompanies its application doesn’t drive me to wash my hands. No, that would be what I’d call “counter-productive.” It isn’t even that I’m OCD, I just like having clean hands when I’m doing things (like typing at the computer) because it means other things don’t have to be cleaned as often. It’s a matter of convenience.

I’ve resolved that the next time I go shopping (in the next day or so), I’ll purchase some hand lotion. Something that smells nice (but not too expensive) that I can apply to my hands to show them I still love them. And they will stop being quite so sad.