So, this island had an entrance to the Underworld. I didn’t pace it very well, but I’d intended to have some drow and pull out some sort of outpost-Underdark adventure for the guys, but when I realized that the drow would probably be a little too tough for them, I padded the adventure with a frog-man cult of Ares.

Our party of adventurers was made up of two sorcerers and a monk. Don and Jack were playing as sorcerers — Don as a burly human sorcerer who focused on buffs, and Jack as a gnome illusionist — and Brian as a elf monk from the Far East. It was just a little bit weird, but we sort of worked things out. Brian’s monk came close to death a lot.

While the crew of their ship (which was damaged, but washed ashore with them) scrambled to repair the ship enough to escape, while the frog-men raided their supplies and carried off their crew to the depths below the island. The party ventured beneath the island several times to find the source of the frogs, and fought many strange creatures.

During their explorations, they found evidence that the frog-men had been drawing ships to wreck on the island to absorb the crews into their following, they met the mysterious Lady in Orange, a caretaker of a primordial shrine on the island, and a shrine to a god from a strange Far East land, probably salvaged from one of the many wrecks.