I had this idea a while back that never made it past the concept stage, for adapting the TaleSpin characters and stories to a medieval, Dungeon-punk setting. I mean, the idea was basically trading airplanes, radios, and guns for castles, horses, and magic. It was a pretty cool idea, I just didn’t find much time for it, and I didn’t really know if/how it might be interesting/popular, so I shelved the idea for later.

My idea started with how I’d interpret the character Baloo. I pictured him as a smarmy, lazy wizard with a high Intelligence, but crappy Wisdom and Charisma (to use Dungeons and Dragons terms). Baloo is an idiot, but he isn’t exactly stupid. He makes terrible decisions, isn’t good with people, and is unable to plan more than about a week ahead. (Sounds like a bunch of people I know, actually, none of whom are stupid, just unwise.)

The character might appear my adventure Escape From White Cliff, though. A fun thought, for sure. I’d have to figure out how to introduce him as a lazy bum and then bring him into his element, so he can be temporarily hyper-competent before reverting to his normal lazy, bungling self. Have to watch out that I don’t make the character too unlikeable, though. My experience has been that players hate the character type.