I’ve reached the end of the National Novel Writing Month. (Notice, I have no need to hyphenate the name any more. I’ve made so much progress this month!) Tomorrow is the last day but I reached my goal such a long time ago at this point, and I really need to make sure Chapter 19 of Rumors of War is ready to start Wednesday that it makes more sense to move on to December’s project: December Buffer Boost Project. DBBP? DB2P?

Maybe I should come up with a catchy nickname for the project goal that doesn’t rely on the name of the month so I can reuse it as I need to. And I should state my project goal up front: I want to have a two-week page buffer by the end of the month. That means scripting as much of Chapters 19 and 20 and building them quickly enough that I have all fifteen- or sixteen-odd pages of Chapter 21 done before December 31st.

I want to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, which means I need to finish sooner than that, even. I need some clear-cut goals so I can make this as straightforward as possible. Fridays are the due dates for scripts. Script 19 done before the end of the day on the Third, Script 20 by the Tenth, and Script 21 by the Seventeenth. Mondays are the due dates for finished pages. Chapter 19 by the Sixth, Chapter 20 by the Thirteenth and Chapter 21 by the Twentieth. If I keep all these up, I can take the entire next week off.