I was out all day today, away from Internet and computer. Technically, Thanatos went everywhere with me today, but the part about the Internet is true: I had two posts ready for today and so now this one (and the evening post, for that matter) are late. Just late. I’m not going to try to justify it or anything, I had a great day and that makes up for not writing at all. I mean, it doesn’t make up for anything, but, I don’t feel bad.

I did have a couple posts planned for today that I could’ve written up if I’d been a bit more focused last night, but … no. The two I managed for the morning were as far as I was going to get. They’ll probably show up some time tomorrow. Of course, I’m going out tomorrow, too, so tomorrow’s posts might be late, too. There’s this thought I have in my mind that when the week rolls around again, I’ll get back on track. Maybe.