In the early hours of this morning (only a few minutes ago, actually), I finished up the last few pages of Chapter 18. There are fifteen pages in this chapter, which means Tuesday will be a double-post day! The third story arc is ending, and the next chapter, Chapter 19, will begin the fourth story arc. I had some time this weekend to actually hash out nearly the entire fourth story arc, which is good news.

Of course, completing a rough draft, before beginning scripting before Wednesday is unlikely at best. I’ll probably only have time to get a feel for the characters and the first scene before it begins. I mean, not that it’s a bad thing, but I’ve already gone and decided that December is the month for me to building back up my buffer. Maybe blog about the comic some, add the chapter titles and summaries, and update the TVtropes page.

It’s obvious that my stomach has become unhappy with me, and I think I may not be the only one afflicted. Last-minute plans of awesome may need to be canceled in favor of honest-to-goodness bed rest, and cold medicine. If I were only getting regular rest, I’m sure I’d be a lot better off. These all-nighters are going to be the death of me. I had a sneeze earlier this morning that nearly took my head off.