I think I’ve figured out how to get the system to set variables, change them, and check them, now I just need to figure out practical applications for them. Presumably there’s a good time and place for the game to check certain types of things. For instance, my demo project is intended to be something like Arkham Horror meets Guild Wars .

I want to create (what seems to me like) an exploration- and encounter-based board game. The player could travel to around the map to look at things, and stuff would happen periodically. It’s intended to be totally non-linear, so the player has the opportunity to go wherever they want on the map and look at pretty much anything.

My first hang-up was in getting the timing of things down. How would I determine when to check for how often things would happen “periodically?” I didn’t want a “real-time” clock, I wanted approximations of time, and I’d decided that the amount of “time” the player spent going from one place to another would increment a counter and trigger events.

Of course, that means that the player has to go places for things to happen, and if they don’t have any motivations to leave the place they’re in, then nothing ever happens. That means I have to find other ways of causing time to pass and triggering new events. So I’m trying to figure out the “scene” system in Inform, to see what they can be used for.