I have two competing ideas that I have to try to reconcile. I want to have a semi-realistic approximation of time for the character’s movement and actions, but I also want to have a simple turn and phase order to keep the flow of events going in a timely manner. I’m thinking that what I should try to do before I get this time-approximation thing going is make sure I understand how phases would work.

Scenes in Inform 7 seem kind of tricky. By tricky, I mean that they work in a very straightforward manner, it’s just that they only work in a straightforward manner as long as you don’t try to do anything tricky with them. They seem to be pretty clear-cut “this time is happening” -type situations. You can ask if a particular scene has or hasn’t happened yet, but I can’t figure out how to “end current scene.”

What it might take is a bit of finagling to get the system to memorize the name of scene that’s taking place at the moment, then recall that name later when I ask it to “stop scene that’s technically taking place because I told you to memorize its name when it began.” But that seems like so much extra work that I’m kind of put off that something like that doesn’t already exist.

Once the character’s done a bunch of stuff, I want it to advance the time of day, so that new things can happen. But I think that’s too ambitious for a first project, and I think I needed to try to do it before I could know how difficult it would be to attempt it. *shakes head* At least now I know, “And knowing is half the battle,” as GI Joe says.