I’m not sure what this is: I’m looking at it and I’m trying to make sense of it, and I’m still not getting it. There’s this gorgeous website dedicated to playing and reliving the best parts of Chrono Trigger. Is this an annual celebration? Well, I’m looking around the site and I’m not seeing any evidence to support the idea that this has happened more than once. You can bet I’m marking my calendar, though, and watching for next year.

It looks like there’s an Earthbound festival going on RIGHT NOW, though, I mean, from the end of October, through the beginning of December. The Chrono Trigger celebration appears to have taken place during the month of July. I stumbled across the site after wandering through a blog called “Game Set Watch,” which I’ll link to once I’ve had some more time to sort it out. Forgive me, I’m feeling just a little overwhelmed.

Well, knowing that there seems to be some kind of fan-gathering online for Earthbound reminds me that it’s something I really wish I had time to play — in fact, it’s on my list of games to write about as part of the “Wish I Had Time For” series, which I haven’t taken the time to write yet. I suppose this should be some encouragement to take a break from writing about writing, and write some more about gaming, right?