I’ve run several games (like Mediterranean Plotluck, for instance) in a setting inspired by Greek myth. Currently, I’m talking with a couple people about possible adventures and campaigns to be played in Ancient Greece: there’s the adventure I may be running in the New Year for my friend Don and/or a friend of his, there’s an adventure I’ll be playing in sometime in the coming weeks, a fusion of Dark Sun, Planescape, and Greek Mythology.

I’m also talking about running a game for my cousin, we’re currently discussing what sort of adventure he’d like to play, and what sort of character he’d like. After reading from the Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects, I’m really anxious to try running a setting based on the palace economy. I want to run a setting that makes regular use of slaves and human sacrifice, and sees the gods in anything and everything.

There’s a certain feeling of wonder and a certain mystique to be had in adventures in ancient civilizations. Yes, they’re more brutal, yes, they’re more primitive, but they have what feels like a richer culture for it. Probably because they don’t have much else, they focus on the world around them, and on their daily lives. I’m curious to see how my traditional “smart” characters do in an environment where their smarts do them no good. (I hate writing stupid characters. Maybe ignorant, maybe naive, but not stupid.)