I feel I have to apologize for something, even though it hasn’t happened yet. I wrote a scene with the following line of dialogue: “Gaia’s loving embrace! If she didn’t have you by the ankles, I swear you’d drift away at any moment!” One of the characters is addressing another, who’s scarcely paying attention. The line is cornball enough, if only it weren’t for the extent of which of Viewers Are Geniuses that it goes.

I’m working on Chapter 18 of Rumors of War, in case you didn’t already know. First of all, the line starts with an unusual euphemism. The comic is set in Ancient Greece, which is over a thousand years before the discovery of gravity. That people stay on the ground because the personification of the earth is holding them down is already funny.

I don’t think I need to explain the nature of “Gaia’s loving embrace” to those of you who are already familiar with her role as the mother of just about everything in Greek Mythology. Anyway, I left the line in, despite reservations, because I want to eventually get more idiosyncratic speech in the character’s mouths.