So I finally came up with some names for the heroes of my novel, The Dragonslayers. Just the supporting characters, so far, but some progress is better than none, I suppose. I wrote for the entire month using stand-in names for all of the characters — I’m not sure what it did for my whole process-thing. Keeping the characters without names probably helped me maintain a narrative distance that made plotting straightforward. *shrug*

So we have out main mentor-y type person, who I’ve named Pallas. The name has some mythical connotations: Pallas was a titan and a mentor to Athena until she slew him (foreshadowing?) and became known as “Pallas Athena.” There’s the boisterous bruiser, Aiacus, who totally wrecks things wherever he goes. His name is kind of a reverse-engineering of the name Ajax, with generous helpings of imagination and wordsmithing.

There’s Nashua, who’s an amalgam of several characters I’ve written before, combined with some new ones to freshen his image — the character he’s somewhat based on used to be a protagonist, but years of attachment have made it difficult to take his story anywhere, so now he’s strictly a passenger in the plot-vehicle. And then there’s Dantes, who has a cool name that I couldn’t give to anyone else. Dantes is spooky.

Now all I need is a name for my protagonist, and maybe I can get somewhere. *smirk*