I have a bit of a formula that I’ve been following for the last nine months — the first three story arcs. I’ve been focusing on half the main cast at a time: Elysia and Nenshe in arcs one and three, and Occela and Illyra in arcs two (and starting tomorrow) four. While I work on trying to figure out how to get the whole Ensemble Cast thing works.

Elysia is kind of an odd duck. She was the first character, I think, who had any real semblance of background. Her personality fluctuates and I’m not sure how much of that is my own uncertainty. I think I can get away with a fair amount, though, ’cause she’s a teenager and she’s still searching for her identity anyway.

Elysia’s mentor and the role she plays will become more important as the story progresses, and there have been teases here and there, with Nenshe trying wade through the clues Elysia’s picked up so far. Elysia is wavering in her resolve, though, particularly as she begins to find that there are other things she can do with her life: she has options.

It’s probably wildly anachronistic that a young woman in the 1,000s BC would be allowed to search for herself, but I could really care less. It’s important to me to have some semblance of time, and I’m working on incorporating more of that as I go, but I’d rather tell an interesting story than get the facts crazily accurate. There are always exceptions.