It feels like a funny time to be working on this, but I’ve finally got a good enough idea of what the characters in The Dragonslayers are like, where they come from, and how I want them to interact with the world around them, so I’ve started doing my research. I’m nearly done with the first part of “phasing,” which is just getting the story in order, and at this point I’m going back and putting things in place. Things like key points of character development and foreshadowing. All that good stuff.

When I originally started coming up with ideas for The Dragonslayers, it was going to be a pretty standard-fare, medieval fantasy story, with heroes in armor on horseback, marching through parts of an old (but not quite ancient) world, fighting dread beasts and hobnobbing with royalty. And then I started phasing it, and I realized that medieval fantasy just wasn’t doing it for me. So I went back to what I like, which is the myth-inspired, “Sandal Punk” setting I’ve been working on for Rumors of War.

I now have the main location where the story will take place, and I’m reading up about the history of the area, which seems to have been overrun by barbarians through most of the period I’m writing in, and was mostly a large, flat valley where cattle were raised. In other words, the perfect place for a Western set in Mythical Greece. This new angle on the story gave me a whole bunch of ideas for little tie-ins and stories that might spin off and become their own tales. I’ll give you more details when I have them. :)