Here’s a thought from my novel-in-progress that I’m working on right now: how long and/or what type of battle is going to take place in the climax of the book? I have lots of different ideas, and it’s been really fascinating to watch them all unfold throughout the course of the noveling (all five days of it so far). There were things I’d never considered being all that important that suddenly have their own sideplots!

The thing that I keep bringing myself back to, though, is the dragon-slaying itself. Part of telling a story of a “proper” dragon-slaying involves the part of getting there. Slaying a dragon ought to be a major undertaking. I mean, really: a dragon used to be a big, badass monster that only the bravest of heroes could take down, because sometimes, the dragon was (retconned to be) the capital-D Devil. And he’s supposed to be tough.

I look at the battle as being a sort of a deconstruction (to use the TVtropes definition) of the whole process. And I’m aware that there’s a fair amount of political commentary that’s found its way into my novel, though I hadn’t really expected to see it there — lots of politics and bureaucratic malarkey gets between the heroes and their prey, and the greatest danger to them actually comes from the people they’re trying to save.