Ha, I love it! Less than a month (almost exactly a month, though) after I describe playing Diablo 2 in phases, my friend Don and I start up new characters on the US West server. I decided to take a break from working on the comic (I got two pages done, but I was fried) and called Don. We got to talking about conventions and gaming, which led to a discussion about starting up another D&D game on Skype, and we talked about what to play.

Somewhere in our conversation, Don mentioned that since he’d just been to BlizzCon, he was really itching to play Diablo 2 again. Soon enough, I found myself scrounging through boxes for my copy of Diablo 2 (actually my brother’s copy, since I misplaced mine in a previous move) and the Lord of Destruction expansion. Don has gone through a lot more copies of the game than I have, and had to download them via Battle.net.

He rolled up a Barbarian named Ackrak (after the character he played in Mediterranean Plotluck) and I rolled up a paladin named Elric_Darme. We both decided to play using the “hardcore” mode (when you die, your character is retired) and had independently decided to play defensive characters — his barbarian focused on stamina, my paladin focused on auras. It took us a bit to coordinate via Skype, but playing again felt like riding a bike.