My friend Don and I are playing through Diablo 2 with hardcore characters. I started my evening with a nice dinner and my friend Megan (we went to Pei Wei’s, which is sort of spin-off restaurant from P.F. Chang’s) and when I got home, I got in a bit of work on my comic and then quickly gave up on doing any more writing. I’d done enough for the day.

So I called up my friend Don. “Don,” I say, “I’m having difficulty deciding how to spend my evening.” Maybe twenty minutes go by, and we’re online, on Skype, in our usual room “deepsekh.” (Password-protected, of course, to prevent other people from entering the game and messing things up.) We’ve picked up where we left off in the Black Marsh.

We do another run of the Forgotten Tower, which is where we left off last night, then clear out The Hole in the Black Marsh, a chunk of the Tamoe Highland, and The Pit. We find that we’re returning to town less and less throughout our excursions, as the loot is pretty much take-it-or-leave it (or gold) and pit stops almost aren’t necessary.

So, we cleared out the above areas, plus the Outer Cloister, The Barracks, two levels of The Jail (or is it three?) and arrive at the Inner Cloister before I had to sign off at nine to make sure I got to sleep in good season. Assuming we play again tonight, we assault the Catacombs and take down the demon queen Andariel. It feels like going home.