So, I’ve borrowed H1: Keep on the Shadowfell for help to designing the adventure for our Saturday gaming group to follow H3: Pyramid of Shadows, (hint: search “White Cliff” on this blog) and it occurred to me that since I’ve played most of the adventure, and I’ve read it for research, I could just as easily give it a face lift and run it in Mythical Greece.

My first thoughts for adapting this adventure to run for my friend Don is to change out most of the kobolds and goblins for human bandits. It strikes me that it would be very easy to make the monsters into humans with “desperate survival” as a motivation, and maybe have cruelty as a side dish. Humans always have reasons to kill other humans. :)

It would be easy enough to make Winterhaven into a Palatial estate with some outlying peasants and village, and I can use what I’ve been studying about palace-based economies to develop a small, thriving community that’s fallen in the shadow of an abandoned palace. Not sure yet what the background for the eponymous keep will be, but I’m picturing it as abandoned and taken over by an old-school cult that practices human sacrifice. Maybe I could tie in lycanthropes and have them be related to King Lycaon of Arcadia?