This post marks the 300th blog update, twenty-five days after our 200th post. I’m sure I’ll get tired of this sooner or later: maybe after I hit one thousand. Then I’ll reserve it for cool-numbered posts. I should probably do something epic for our thousandth post, which should be some time in May, I think. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Three hundred posts have already seen a whole bunch of thoughts, ideas, projects, and grief. I’ve had some good days, some really good days, and some tremendously awful days. Interesting the the 300th post would be on the 30th of a month, any month. I mean, they have those first two digits in common. That’s significant somehow, right? I didn’t think so.

Let’s talk about what I’d like to be writing about: I’d like to be writing about Inform 7 and coding. I’d like to be talking about game design and playing D&D. I’d like to be blogging about people giving me awards for my writing. I wonder, in the next one hundred posts, how will I move towards those goals? I want to program, great. Now do it. I want to design games. Great, now do it. I want to receive awards for my comic and my writing … right.

I’m not worried about any of this stuff but it’s good to keep it in mind. Those are my goals, that’s what I want. What I want to achieve. Whether it’s tomorrow or a month from tomorrow. Or a year from tomorrow. Knowing my goals means I know they’re there to reach for, I know where I need to go. Getting there is what the rest of it’s about.