This is the two hundredth post in the Norvendae blog, and it’s been a real pleasure to write so far. I hope everyone who comes here enjoys what they read, however rushed or ill-conceived individual posts may be. It’s pretty cool to know that there are people who are interested enough in what I have to write to come and peer into my head, even if it feels like I’m just scribbling on the walls of my personal crazy-house.

I hope to continue writing entries for this blog for a long time to come, and I hope to see two hundred-hundred more posts! (What is that, twenty thousand? Posting entries at a rate of four a day, that would take five thousand days, which is a little over fourteen years! Uh, okay, I think I could handle that, as long as I start getting comments or some kind of feedback eventually. Of course, I talk to hear the sound of my own voice.)

Most importantly, I hope that everyone who comes here to read my blog is entertained, because writing experiments and webcomics aside, I don’t just write for myself, I write to entertain. I do write to entertain myself, but this line of thinking is starting to become cyclical. I think I’ll just cut myself off here and say, thanks for reading! Here’s to fourteen more years of blogging! Now I’m going back to work on my comic. And my novel.