The adventure that I’m tentatively writing/designing with my cousin Josh for him to play, has him as a Fighter in Ancient Greece. The background we’ve worked out so far that his family was targeted for death (for reasons unknown) and that he was abandoned in the wilderness as a child whilst his family fled. He was abandoned with a sword however, in case he should survive into adulthood, and he was discovered by a blacksmith’s family.

Having grown up around the forge, knowing the secrets of armor- and weapon-smithing, Alexander reveres Hephaestus above the other gods, and has dedicated himself to the principles of the fires of creation, the gem- and ore-giving earth, and the protection provided by arms and armor. As a young boy, he befriended the son of the local lord, and as the two grew close, he was practically adopted and raised to be a fighter.

Alexander has trained with sword and shield since he could hold a sword, and when he turned thirteen, the blacksmith’s family revealed to him the nature of his discovery and presented him with the sword. He’s remained with the blacksmith’s family and his friends while he continues to train. Lately, thoughts of his original family and the life he could have led plague his thoughts, and he considers a quest to discover his origins.