I think the most serious character I ever had in a White Wolf game was my character Dennis, a time traveler, in a campaign using Mage the Ascension. The campaign was set in the 1920s, if I remember correctly, and I was brought in to help spice up the game.

I scoured the Mage books to find something interesting and different (I’ll admit this was before I did a lot of research into Arkham Horror, or I would’ve definitely built a character based on the Mythos) and I finally settled on a time mage from the future.

My character concept was Marty McFly from the Noughties. His primary power source/artifact was his iPod, which he stored Quintessence in, and while he remembered certain key facts about the future (mostly useless pop culture references) he served as a valuable clairvoyant, voice of reason, and cloud cuckoolander.

He spent most of his time in the adventures trying to figure out where he was and why he was in the past, why those strange men in the black suits were after him … but he never made much progress before the campaign came to a halt.

I’ve still got Dennis’s character sheet kicking around somewhere. I remember some about his compatriots, too: mostly Shawn’s character, because he was this really spooky entropy mage. I remember we had a life mage in our group, but what I remember is clouded by my failure to fully grasp the system at the time.

Shawn’s character sticks out the most, probably because he was doing most of the destroying that our party did. His character was pretty intense. I have some fond, if muddled memories of that game. I think I’d probably play again, given the chance.