It’s important for recurring NPCs to have evocative nicknames. It helps your players to remember them, and it’s easier to recall specific and/or relevant character traits. Chucklehead has a special place in my heart because he’s one of the few characters I can nearly say I love to hate. Hating Chucklehead is probably one of the reasons why I rarely pull him out for use, he annoys me so much.

Chucklehead is an irritating buffoon who has a smidge of Charisma, which he milks for all its worth. He oozes insincerity and flattery is the name of his game. In a fantasy setting, he’s the Chucklehead knight who gets credit for a battle that ends in victory though he never went set foot (or hoof) in battle. Chucklehead doesn’t know the first thing about his job, but he’s got the instinct and the tenacity to keep it.

There are sometimes flattering movies made about Chucklehead characters, and how they succeed without deserving any of their success. If you’ve ever heard the expression that “a person is promoted to a position just above their level of competence,” they’re usually talking about a Chucklehead. He exists because he must: there are real Chuckleheads in the world, but I still feel dirty about using him.

Damn that dirty Chucklehead.