This topic just came up while I was talking to our receptionist at work (since she doesn’t understand why some women like stilettos): when a shoe is described as “cute,” what are the qualifying attributes? What makes a shoe cute? The color, the curves, the way it displays the feet? I understand that the shoe gives a woman’s feet a certain “feline contour” when worn, but what is it about them?

I’m not big on shoes myself, and that isn’t something I’d attribute to “just because I’m a guy.” Honestly, there are plenty of women who don’t care that much about shoes either. Shoe fetishism is something that dates back to prehistory, so there’s got to be something to do with shoes that’s more than meets the eye. (Transformers? Fetish in disguise?)

Mostly the conversation stems from the idea that a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot (the movie, not the TV series) that takes place after high school might be considered akin to Felicity with Vampires. In case you haven’t already heard, Warner Brothers mentioned they have plans to make a new movie: cue all the comments about how it won’t be any good if it doesn’t have Joss Whedon writing the script and the TV show’s cast.

And here’s something you never want: a link to something that will waste your time.