I spent most of yesterday’s “project space” in my head thinking about Chapter 19 and the comic. I’m glad I’ve had room in the back of my mind the last two months to think about it (to let it “steep”) but it’s always interesting to see what sort of things come out of deadline-addled mind. I know now exactly what I’m going to do with Chapter 19, and probably most of the Story Arc. I think it began to come to me last night on the bus…

I came up with my bizarre acronym for the month’s project, as well. “Boost Buffer or Bust,” partly because I like the phonic resemblance between BBoB and BYOB, partly because it was one of the first names I thought of, and partly because it contains the word “Bob.” Incidentally, it also looks like it could be mistaken for “boob” by the casual onlooker, which makes me giggle a little. People are so silly. :D

The fourth story arc (I keep capitalizing the first letters of Story Arc because I forget I’m not on TVtropes) is significant because it serves as the endpoint for the first year of the comic. The arc will span the months of December, January, and February, and assuming I renew the webcomic for another year, the next story arc will begin in March 2011. Probably. I mean, I assume I’ll continue it. I mean, I probably will.

I’ve given myself the option of an “out” after one year. Some of whether I continue the comic or not will depend on how readily I can rebuild my buffer after a spell like … the last couple months. Some of it will depend on how readily I plot out the next year’s worth of comic (I’m due to do that in January, in anticipation of continuing the comic). Some of it will depend on what else is going on my life. I like to plan for any eventuality, though.