I’m reading my mom’s copy of Barbara Walker’s Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I mean, the book’s great. The first thing I noticed about it that I absolutely loved was the section about the symbolism involved with various body parts and fluids, which is something I’ve been trying to assemble by myself for a while.

The funny thing about the book, though, is how vague she is in some areas, particularly about knowledge that would be really nice to know. I realize that it’s sort of a casual reference book, but I noted in one section, she says that it wasn’t until “fairly late” in the development of civilizations that they realized the nature of paternity. I’m sorry, when? 1,000 BC? 4,000 BC? 8,000 BC? 100 AD? When is “fairly late?”

It’s going to take me a while to digest this book, especially because she kind of throws a lot of heavy stuff around with what feels like casual negligence. I remember reading the section of her book about the Greek Athena being Lydian in origin, which I followed, until she started throwing around some stuff about Athena’s bizarre heritage (which has always been bizarre), but it had me crying: “When? Where? Source please!”

All in all, I think I’m going to get a lot out of the book, if only I can decipher it first. And I know it’s only going to lead to more research, since it seems more of a book to encourage reading than an actual reference book. I mean, it seems like a good coffee table book for someone who’s really into mythology, like me. :P