I think my head has been steeping in this since I read it, turning over the concept and related thoughts, spiraling off in different directions and trying to make sense of it myself. “Do I have worth? What is my value as a human being? Is the world a better place for my being in it?” I say yes, because I believe I have worth, I believe I have value, and I think I’ve enriched the world by being a part of it.

It’s just hard to see, hard to feel, hard to measure. It’s intangible, it’s this thing that hangs just out of reach and taunts me. And it’s largely subjective. I matter- I’m important largely based on how I feel about myself. I mean, obviously I’ve had a meaningful impact on other people, and other people are a part of the world, am I a part of the world? What sort of impact have I had on myself?

When I find myself up on the stand, what do I say when I’m asked to defend my life? It’s … a lot of what I’ve been thinking about feels like all it amounts to is contemplation of my navel. Have you ever given your navel much thought? Ever played with your navel? “Oh navel, navel, navel…” I’m sorry, I think the couple forays to Wikipedia and TVtropes have shaken me out of the funk I was writing from.

On a completely separate note, the title of this entry is a pun, intended to follow the theme of my earlier entry “Blog-to-Blog Combat.” I’m imagining pirates. :P