I’ve started reading cookiemonger’s Notebook Pages, which suddenly sounds like a great name for a book. The name cookiemonger is reminiscent of Cookie Monster, and so her writing could easily be mistaken for the memoirs of a puppet monster. It’s a blog, though that Cookie Monster thing is starting to sound really funny in my head. Now I’m going to be stuck with the weird, writing-related ramblings of a retired Cookie Monster.

I decided to start reading from the first day of November, because it’s still currently the month of November, and I might possibly be able to relate to her month-long, novel-writing ramblings. Then I came across this entry, “Day 2.” No matter how she meant it, the way I read it made it sound like she was keeping two different NaNoWriMo profiles, and writing two novels simultaneously under separate names.

So, I’ve decided to undertake a challenge like that — whether it’s what she did or not. Next year, apart from comic, blog, and novel … I will also work on a secret novel. A novel that I won’t tell anyone about, except to tease. I’ll keep a separate username and word count and everything, and lead a duel life. You heard me right: a “duel life.” I’ll challenge people to mysterious word wars and see what becomes of it. All in the name of writing. :D