I’d like to wish everyone a happy Turkey Day, it being a tradition in these United States to ritually slaughter and consume turkey meat en masse in celebration of the year and all its bounteous bountifulness. Huzzah for family gatherings and occult recounting of blah, blah, blah. I’m not big on holidays, but you know, I enjoyed myself at the family dinner I went to this evening. Mom, aunt, and uncle, grandmother, grandfather, and me.

We sat around and talked and ate and were very familial. I was out of it because I got only six hours of sleep. I spent all night chatting on the phone with cookiemonger about all sorts of random things. Then I slapped together the next three pages of Rumors of War and two blog entries, took a shower, and crashed hard, basically sleeping until we had to leave. I was pretty hungry by the time dinner was ready.

I’m thankful for friends, family, and food. I got a taste of all of them on this fine turkey day (some figurative, the others quite literal). I got to see my cousin Jessica and her daughters, which is a rare and special treat — before they trundled off to visit the other in-laws for the holiday. I didn’t have a whole lot to do but sit around and be pretty, but even that isn’t so bad sometimes. I’d do it again, maybe in another year or so. :P

edit: This post is several hours late, but I don’t care.
edit 2: Changed the name of this post from “A Very Turkey Dither Day.”