I would love to play the original Half-Life, having enjoyed the hell out of Half-Life 2, and both Episode One and Episode Two. I like to play (or replay) old games for the same reason that other people like to visit museums: I want to feel the history, I want to get in touch with something that had an impact on the world in ways that may not seem immediately obvious, and I want to know what came before.

There are two major obstacles to my potential enjoyment of Half-Life, and those are very simply: 1) I don’t actually own a copy of the game (probably remedied by downloading via Steam), and 2) I don’t have time to play it. I spend a lot of my time these days reading, writing, reading, writing, critiquing, sleeping, working, and writing. I eat, too, but there’s hardly time for that. I also exercise and bathe regularly, which puts a drain on my gaming time. :D

So when I win the lottery, or people want to give me money for writing, or I get married and benefit from living with a partner and a second income, and/or I’m confident enough to go to writing as my primary job — I’ll probably have enough time to play the original Half-Life. Or when I take a sick day. You know, whichever.