I got hung up on part of Chrono Cross months and months ago. Now that I think about it, it’s probably been well over a year since the last time I picked it up. I remember I got at least as far as Chronopolis, I’m pretty sure I finished the area and beat FATE, and then I would’ve beaten the six dragons. Let me think, here. I beat the dragons, and I’m pretty sure I finished Terra Tower also, beating the Dragon God at the top — then I’m pretty sure I’ve got the Chrono Cross itself, what now?

The problem is, thinking back on it, I think I’m stalled right at the end of the game, collecting shiny materials and trapping powerful elements. Yeah, I think that’s where I am. *furrows brow* I’m crafting the Rainbow Shell equipment for various members of the party in preparation for the end of the game, which is a tedious process, but worth it on replays, ’cause it makes things easier. It’s especially important to get Chrono Serge the Spectra Swallow, ’cause otherwise you’re stuck going back to the iron one. :(

That’s probably one of the problems with games that feature New Game Plus. There’s that period near the end where you want to get all the best stuff you can before it gets locked away again for the next play through. It would be nice, too, if the enemies scaled to your level when you played, ’cause on additional play-throughs, the enemies are more of an annoyance than a challenge.

That reminds me, actually, with the “Sidekick” feature of Guild Wars 2, you’re supposed to be able to replay the early parts of the game, and your character’s level-based bonuses will be scaled down to a (badass) power that makes you (badass) tough, but not stupidly powerful. I trust Arena Net, I think if anyone can pull it off, they can. Think of it like an MMO with New Game Plus. It should be AWESOME. :D