Why I went with Greek Mythology as a setting for Rumors of War, seemed like a silly question at first (it’s one that I asked myself, actually), and I reminded myself that not everyone was obsessed with Greek mythology when they were a kid, as I was. I checked out books on Greek Mythology instead of making friends.

One story that always haunted my thoughts was the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. I never thought badly of Hades, it was his job to keep the dead where they belonged. It was Orpheus’s fault for being impatient, not Hades — all he did was keep his promise, he was one of the gods associated with oaths after all.

To be completely honest, Greek Mythology is in the public domain and I was already familiar with it. My obsession led to research, which reinforced my obsession, and was intended for a Mage the Ascension game. The game never happened but the idea stuck, and eventually made a D&D campaign out of it. That didn’t last though.

Then I tried to write a novel for NaNoWriMo 2008, based on the D&D campaign I developed. When that failed, I tried to make another D&D campaign out of it. And then when that failed, I decided to make a webcomic out of it. I spent all of 2009 writing in preparation, and Rumors of War launched a year later, in March.