I started playing Dungeons & Dragons in 2003, which you may note is around the same time that the DEEP SEKH campaign started. The two games actually ran parallel for a long time, with the first campaign I ran beginning in October (seven years ago), and DEEP SEKH starting up in November or December. Incidentally, Wayne’s World of Darkness campaign started up right about that time, too. And so, it was in those early days of my first D&D campaign, that we were all very silly.

Not that it ever changed much after that. In that first session or two, I drew a two-story building, with written indications as to which was the “up” level, and which was the “down” level. I have to credit Jack for misreading the word “down” as “umop” because the text was upside-down from the direction he was sitting, and my curvy handwriting made it ambiguous as to which way it was supposed to be read. Apparently. :/

We have Glenn to thank for misreading the word “down” as “clown” when I rewrote it, again due to my curvy handwriting. None of us could have known where the character Umop the Clown would go from there. After his inception, Umop became something of a joke within the group, which spread to our other friends. His fame grew when Don, Lindsay, and I wrote and recorded a song about Umop.

Umop has gone into hiding in recent years, to escape persecution as the Enemy Of All Living Clowns. His story is an epic one that spans many years, and chronicles his Fruit-Sucky dependency, his descent into darkness, his betrayal of all clownkind, and his eventual redemption. Umop is still out there, somewhere.