Okay, that isn’t strictly true. I wouldn’t call this weekend a failure, I’d just say that I didn’t accomplish what I meant to when I first set out at the beginning of the weekend. Don’t get me wrong: I got all kinds of useful stuff done — finished “homework” blogs to make sure we update four times a day, had D&D on Saturday, I just didn’t finish the next batch of comic pages as I hoped I would. I’ve still got time, I’ll just have to work on them tomorrow morning.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about what I did get done. I’ve already mentioned that Escape From White Cliff has officially been bumped up to a “priority” project, and I can tell you that the D&D adventure will be the one I focus my attention on first. I was hit by a barrage of ideas this weekend, starting as early as Friday night. I’ve seriously written so much, whether by hand or typed — it boggles my mind. It’s been a really productive weekend. :)

What I’m most proud of at the moment, is a particular trap room the I devised, which originally started out as a sequence where a monster stalks the party, predator-style, but eventually grew to be its own thing, completely separate from the monster. It’s a stand-alone encounter that could conceivably be dropped into just about any adventure that features, well, that features stuff like this — and get this: it’s SPOOKY. I’m seriously tempted to post the trap room by itself.