An interesting thing happened to me on the train this morning, I swear, I must’ve stumbled into one of epiphany or revelation’s cousins — as I scribbled notes in my notebook (good place for scribbled notes), a smell, like a camera flash, snapped me out of my scribbling revelry and blinded me with a burst of sensory information. I blinked, and looked around the train car to figure out who I was, where, and why.

The smell itself was something I remember from when I was seventeen and working part-time at a greeting card store. It was the smell, perfume, I assume, that one of my coworkers always reeked of. It was a smell I’d not smelt since … anyway, I’ve heard it said that smells can make for powerful memories, and this one was enough to trigger a freaking resonance cascade in my brain.

I made a couple decisions this morning, one of which I’m going to share with you RIGHT NOW. I decided that I’m going to Anime Banzai a week from today, and there are a couple reasons. One is that I haven’t been a convention “attendee” in a long time. I work conventions, I don’t attend them. I need a holiday, damn it, and my intent is to go simply to enjoy myself. I’ve been writing crazy lots and I need a breather.

There’s a second reason, which I don’t think needs too much detail just yet: there’s a woman involved. I think the more interesting point here was my deliberation between going with the cliche “it isn’t about the girl” or “there’s a girl involved” sort of thing, and using what is/may be the more respectful term “woman.” Anyway, I think I’ll check with my cousin Josh and see if he wants to go, too.

While I’m there, I can meet people, mingle, hand out little adverts for the website, maybe make some friends, I don’t know — somehow I don’t see myself magically overcoming my shyness just because I feel good about today, but I do see myself cracking the shell somewhat. I guess we’ll see. Should be fun. :D