I love the silly names given to episodes in cartoons. It’s one of the things that I really like about cartoons, as opposed to say, most drama series. It’s important to acknowledge that on some level, you shouldn’t take what you see too seriously, and that’s omnipresent through this episode. In a huge departure from what we’ve seen in the first five episodes of the series, the primary antagonist in this episode is an octopus sea monster thing.

Okay, so the pirates cut a hole in the net so the sea monster can get in and technically they play a larger role in antagonizing the cast, but after pirates, pirates, pirates, and a mad scientist, the sea monster thing struck me as coming from left field. Anyone who watched Duck Tales (or followed the meme on the Internet) knows that sea monsters love their ice cream. (“A sea monster. ATE. MY. ICE. CREAM.”)

We saw some areas of Cape Suzette that I imagine will probably never be referenced again, like that ice cream shop on the corner, and I have a feeling that the net which keeps dangerous sea creatures out of the bay will probably be ignored, let alone the repairs necessary to prevent later sea monster invasions.

The episode seemed kind of a mess to me in terms of pacing. Rapid cuts between Baloo and Kit, Becky and Molly, and the sea monster and the pirates — kind of made my head spin. I love the bookend joke about the kitchen sink, though. I think the pirates were probably my favorite part of the episode. (“Sink! Sink!” “Don’t you mean dive?” *THUNK*)