Somehow, I found time to watch the first five episodes of TaleSpin, which I picked up from Costco several months ago. Was it several months? I don’t remember exactly. It just seems like I’m doing so much these days that it’s remarkable if I get to anything the same year I start it. But I digress. :D

I really, really liked TaleSpin when I was a kid. Actually, I really liked the Seaduck. I liked planes and I liked space ships and I liked flying. Of course, in my imagination, whatever I was flying always had guns on it so I could shoot back, unlike Baloo’s plane. Still, that didn’t stop the show from being cool.

I remember when I was a kid, I really liked Louie and Wildcat. I think I probably wanted to be more of the tinkerer-pilot type, myself, but I didn’t care much for most of the main cast. Kit was kind of meh, Baloo was a loser-jerk, Rebecca was never with it, and Molly was … annoying.

I have a different appreciation for TaleSpin now. First of all, I love the setting. I could picture all of the characters existing alongside Indiana Jones — they all have that sort of pulp-hero film reel feel to them, and I love it. I love the hats, the character designs, I love Don Karnage’s outrageous accent, everything.

Plunder & Lightning is the pilot episode of the series, and it’s the story that unites our main cast. It’s also fully stocked with all kinds of delectable tropes, and I was left in awe of just, I don’t know, everything. Watching it again was different from nostalgia — I was excited and seeing new things. I didn’t really feel like a kid again or anything, instead, I felt like an adult who could understand a kid’s excitement.